Sunset Ventures

Showcase: Brand + Web

Sunset Ventures is a family farm specializing in Pedigreed Seed Production and Custom Seed Cleaning in Southwest Saskatchewan. They are committed to providing the best product and service in the area, so quality branding was key in reflecting this to their customer.

This bold logo conveys a confident, modern vibe while still staying true to its roots, and the clean and iconic design offers staying power as their business grows. The icon can stand well on its own and be easily recognizable and proudly worn by their customers on hats, clothing and merchandise.

Riley + Keaton said:

“Working with Erin was an absolute pleasure. She is very talented, knowledgeable, and extremely passionate about her work, not to mention patient. She is able to create meaningful logo designs and generates the best website layout for your company. Erin was not satisfied until she was ensured that we were 100% happy with what she had created. We are not very creative, and with the little bit of an idea of what we wanted, Erin was able to take that and turn it into something very functional and memorable that we will be able to use for many years to come. BENN Brand + Web is our first recommendation if someone were looking to create a website or their own brand.”

The primary goal for the Sunset Ventures website was to make it as user friendly as possible for their customers. We achieved this with a clean, modern design with bold typography and navigation points throughout. Direct links pop up when the site is accessed by mobile – the user can call or email with one touch of a button, making it as easy as possible to reach out!

View the site here.

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